001 // applicants

002 // A journey home

Step 1 Enlist Builder

  1. Gain commitment from builder to lead project
  2. Gain general understanding fo plan and/or location builder has in mind.
  3. Estimate cost per square foot.

Step 2 Select Family

  1. Identification and vetting
  2. Family Needs Assessment provided to team

Step 3 Select Location

  1. Refer to Family Needs Assessment
  2. Determined by builder with Operation Finally Home

Step 4 Finalize Plan

  1. Incorporate Family Needs Assessment
  2. If VA/SAH Grant eligible:
    - Must follow VA/SAH guidelines
    - Determine Minimum Property Requirements (MPRs) that can be waived by veteran

Step 5 Finalize Budget

  1. Conduct Town Hall Meeting
  2. Determine how donation shortfalls will be funded
  3. Operation Finally Home approval for any funding needs

Step 6 Establish + Execute Pillar Events

  1. Surprise
  2. Groundbreaking
  3. Notes of Love
  4. Dedication Ceremony

003 // Applicant initial contact form

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