The most important part of any project that we undertake is the people we help. This is especially true when these veterans have risked their lives, and in many cases had their lives forever changed, in defense of our country. Operation FINALLY HOME addresses the most pressing need of our returning heroes and their families – a home to call their own.

The veteran selection process begins when a builder is found who is willing to build a home in a particular region. Initially, we try to find veterans in the region where the home will be built, but other veterans are considered if they are willing and able to move.

Our mission is to provide homes and home modifications to America’s military Heroes and the widows of the fallen who have sacrificed so much to defend our freedoms and values creating a solid foundation for them to move forward with their lives.



Who does Operation FINALLY HOME help?
Operation FINALLY HOME provides custom-built, mortgage-free homes to wounded, ill and injured veterans and the widows of the fallen from all branches of the military and all military campaigns.  Applicants are considered case-by-case and those considered to receive a home should meet the following criteria.

  • Combat related injuries rated 70% or more by DoD &/or VA
  • Received an honorable discharge
  • Clear criminal background check
  • Acceptable credit rating
  • Demonstrated financial need

Should a potential applicant own a home, an explanation is needed as to why they should receive a new home. In addition, prior to being awarded a home, it must be sold with proceeds donated to Operation FINALLY HOME to help cover the construction costs of the new home.

  • Demonstrated ability to accept responsibilities of home ownership; suitability determined through application process.
  • Demonstrated ability to take on financial responsibilities of home ownership which include, but are not limited to, property taxes, homeowners insurance, utility bills, maintenance, homeowners association dues where applicable and moving expenses.



Where are the homes located?
Operation FINALLY HOME develops partnerships with developers, builders, suppliers, and tradesmen to do what they do best: build homes. We have over 220 projects in more than 30 states that have been completed or in various stages of planning – and we continue to grow. 

Journey to Home

Our program does not work without the passion and commitment from builders and sponsors who are dedicated to changing the life of one of America’s wounded, ill or injured heroes. The builder is the driving force in completing a project, responsible for all facets of building the home. The sponsors help alleviate some of the financial burdens and often assist with key pillar events.

The builder(s) in partnership with Operation FINALLY HOME will undertake all that is necessary to complete a build. The goal is to finish the project at no cost (including money raised or contributed for a special project). Each build is unique and every builder may work differently with the homeowner, subs, suppliers, and other partners and with preferred processes necessary in successfully building a custom home.

Here’s a look at our process:

Step 1: Enlist Builder
Step 1

Enlist Builder

  1. Gain commitment from builder to lead project
  2. Gain general understanding of plan and/or location builder has in mind
  3. Estimate cost per square foot.
Step 2: Select Family
Step 2

Select Family

  1. Identifiation and vetting
  2. Family Needs Assessment provided to team
Step 3: Select Location
Step 3

Select Location

  1. Refer to Family Needs Assessment
  2. Determined by builder with Operation FINALLY HOME
Step 4: Finalize Plan
Step 4

Finalize Plan

  1. Incorporate Family Needs Assessment
  2. If VA/SAH Grant eligible:
    • Must follow VA/SAH guidelines
    • Determine Minimum Property Requirements (MPRs) that can be waived by veteran
Step 5: Finalize Budget
Step 5

Finalize Budget

  1. Conduct Town Hall Meeting
  2. Determine how donation shortfalls will be funded
  3. Operation FINALLY HOME approval for any funding needs
Step 6: Establish & Execute Pillar Events
Step 6

Establish & Execute Pillar Events

  1. Surprise
  2. Groundbreaking
  3. Notes of Love
  4. Dedication Ceremony

Apply to be a home recipient of Operation FINALLY HOME

Fill out the Veteran Initial Contact Form below. The Veteran Initial Contact Form or the Widow/Widower Initial Contact Form may also be downloaded and emailed to

Instructions: This is the first step of a multi-step application process. Once this form is reviewed and the basic-level criteria are met, you may be invited to continue to the next step where you will be asked to submit a more comprehensive application. From this initial form through the entire process, you are being screened for suitability to receive such a substantial gift. Your accuracy, thoroughness and timeliness in completing this will be examined closely.

Supporting Documents

In addition to filling out the form, please provide the following documentation:

Military History

General Information

Spouse’s Contact Information

I certify that all information contained in this application is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge. If I have willfully provided any false or misleading information, I understand my consideration for this program may be forfeited at the sole discretion of Operation FINALLY HOME. In addition, in the event that I am publicly accused of an act of moral turpitude (substantiated by the preponderance of evidence, a court decision, or on my own admission), a violation of any Federal law or any other conduct which subjects or could be reasonably anticipated to subject Operation FINALLY HOME and/or its supporters to public ridicule, contempt, scorn, hatred or censure, or could materially diminish the potential successful completion of the gift of a mortgage free home if I am chosen, Operation FINALLY HOME will have the right to remove me from consideration at any time during the process. I also certify that I have read, understood and agreed to the Terms of Homeownership as outlined by Operation FINALLY HOME

NOTE: The completion of this document in no way commits Operation FINALLY HOME to construct a home for the applicant listed above. This information will be used by Operation FINALLY HOME as a part of its interview process to determine the steps that will be taken, if any, in their consideration of support of the above mentioned applicant as a part of its program.