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Austin, TX

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Sergeant Christopher Powell and his brothers were born in upstate New York to John and Noreen Powell. He served as a healthcare specialist and in the 1st Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division. He has received many awards, including a purple heart, Army Good Conduct Medal and a Global War on Terrorism Medal.

Powell stepped on an IED, costing him his leg, along with multiple other injuries. Powell says he immediately felt relief that no one else was hurt and that he actually tried to calm down fellow soldiers with a few jokes during the incident.

He says that thanks to his parents, family and friends he continues to enjoy a fulfilling life, including sky diving, classes at the University of Texas, scuba diving and giving motivational speeches around the country.

“I continue to live my life the same way I did before my injuries, maybe with a bit more planning and patience.  I face every challenge with the knowledge that another one is coming,” said Powell.


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