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Markham, TX

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U.S. Navy Veteran Elijah and Theresa O’Neal

U.S. Navy veteran Elijah O’Neal bravely served his country from 1944-1946 during World War II. He was later honorably discharged. He and his wife, Theresa Hill O’Neal, were married for 17 years before his death in October 2012.

Theresa currently lives in Markham, Texas, with her two youngest children, twins Victor and Victoria. Theresa and Elijah received custody of their biological niece and nephew shortly after their births and were going through the adoption process when Elijah passed away. In addition, Theresa also has an adult daughter who lives in Louisiana.

Like many others, their home was damaged during Hurricane Harvey in 2017, resulting in a leaky roof, and plumbing and electrical issues as well as damage to the home’s entry and exit ramps. The home is also unlevel, creating cracks in the walls and ceilings and contributing to heating and cooling problems.

Theresa has earned a number of college degrees and certificates, including a bachelor’s degree in legal assistance, but cannot currently work due to childcare issues and a lack of reliable transportation. She continues to strive to provide for her family despite limited means.

Operation Finally Home is proud to partner with a Oak Creek Homes and H-E-B Operation Appreciation to provide Theresa O’Neal, widow of U.S. Navy veteran Elijah O’Neal, and their family a safe home in Markham, Texas.


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