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Sugar Hill, Georgia

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U.S. Army Sgt. Perry Haley initially joined the military in March 2000, serving until April 2006. Following a short hiatus, Haley returned to the Army and was deployed in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2007 and to Korea in 2010.

During his tour in Iraq, Haley was in charge of retrieving vehicles that had sustained major damage as a result of combat. Not long into his first tour of duty, Haley suffered from an injured shoulder and severe migraines. Following his arrival back into the United States, Haley was diagnosed with two brain tumors. Due to the fact that the tumors were so close to his carotid artery, doctors refused to operate. In the meantime, Haley underwent numerous surgeries and treatments for his shoulder.

It wasn’t until January 2011 that three neurosurgeons agreed to operate on Haley’s brain despite the high risk of surgery. Amazingly, he was able to go home one week later. Seven months later, Haley’s wife, Autumn, was diagnosed with ovarian, uterine, cervical, and tubal cancer. Following an emergency hysterectomy, Autumn was in recovery and has now been in remission for over a year.

Since his brain surgery, one of Haley’s tumors has grown back but is being closely monitored by doctors. As a result of his service in Korea, Haley also suffers from chronic back pain. During his time in the military Haley received numerous service-related awards, some of which include four Army Achievement Medals and an Army superior unit award. Haley currently lives in Georgia with his wife and their three children, Georgia, Eva and Hannah.


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