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Stafford, Virginia

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U.S. Army Sgt. Timothy Michael Goodrich was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Throughout his childhood he enjoyed hunting, fishing and watching SEC football. Goodrich grew up listening to the stories of his father and grandfather during their time in the military and knew from a young age that he wanted to serve his country. Right after high school, he enlisted in the Army. When he returned home from basic training, he began dating his best friend, Jacqueline, whom he now gets to call his wife. Michael and Jacqueline were married just two weeks before his first deployment to Iraq.

Goodrich served his first tour to Iraq before returning home for several years to serve as an instructor and trainer. In 2011, he volunteered to go on a second tour, this time to Afghanistan in an eminent danger zone.  With his second child on the way, he deployed to Afghanistan. Goodrich served in a Tactical Psychological Operations Detachment as a PsyOp team sergeant. Just 10 days after his son was born, his outpost was attacked and he was severely injured. His right jaw was shattered and the entire right side of his body was scattered with fragments from the rocket.

When Goodrich was healthy enough, he was sent back to the states to receive further treatment. He was dissatisfied with the care he was receiving and moved to several other facilities while his wife continued to fight for his proper treatment. Because of his poor recovery procedures, Goodrich began suffering from anxiety and depression. Eventually, he was placed on a correct recovery plan where he received treatments ranging from orthopedics and pain management to cognitive/ speech therapy, art therapy, occupational therapy and physical therapy. Goodrich has received recognition from the Pentagon for his art therapy as well as multiple accolades for his service, including a Purple Heart, an Afghanistan Campaign Medal with Campaign star and the Iraq Campaign Medal with Campaign Star.

Goodrich and his family have used their experiences in the military as inspiration to start their own non-profit organization, General’s Kids.  This organization strives to provide normalcy to the children of the wounded, ill and injured.  While he still suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), mild cognitive dysfunction, chronic headaches and joint pain in his back and right hip, he continues to work towards a future he and his family can enjoy for many years to come. He hopes to one-day work in government where he can promote change in warrior care policies and eventually run for office.

Operation FINALLY HOME and local builder Miller & Smith and the community of Embrey Mill are proud to come together to provide Michael Goodrich and his family with a home in Stafford, Virginia in 2017.


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