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U.S. Army SGT Terence and U.S. Army SPC Misty Ewings have both served their country with more than a combined 18 years of service. Both served tours of duty in Iraq during their time in the Army.

Terence, who enlisted in the Army in 2007 after serving in the ROTC at Texas A&M University, served for seven years with two overseas combat tours to Iraq. In his role as a photographer, he captured images of the war and witnessed a number of horrific incidents on a daily basis. From his combat duty, he accrued multiple mental and physical injuries including PTSD, knee ailments, as well as neck and spinal injuries. He was diagnosed with PTSD and left the Army in 2015.

While on duty at the Combat Support Hospital in Iraq, Misty was subjected to a daily barrage of casualties, amputations, severe burns, gunshot wounds and suicides. As part of her job, she had to gather identifying information from the deceased in order to prepare reports for the families to be notified. A 10-year veteran, she suffers from severe PTSD, thoracic degenerative disorder, Graves’ Disease and numerous other ailments.

Both Terence and Misty were well-respected members of the Army and both received commendations including the Army Good Conduct Medal, National Defense Service Medal and Global War on Terrorism Service Medal, among others.

Operation FINALLY Home and Royal Crest Custom Homes along with Eagle View Church are proud to build a new, mortgage-free home for Terence, Misty and their two children in Ft. Worth, Texas.


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