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U.S. Army Specialist Joshua Ashby of Justin, Texas, joined the Army and left for basic training at Fort Knox in December of 2009 as a cavalry scout.

In June of 2011, Ashby was deployed to Afghanistan as a scout sniper. While there, he experienced many firefights and incidents of mortar rounds and rockets coming down on his team. On Halloween of 2011, Ashby watched as their lead vehicle hit an estimated 200-pound IED. Ashby and his brothers sprang into action, orchestrating a helicopter rescue for the injured. Though shaken, his team continued to fight. During a nighttime mission, Ashby broke his nose after hitting a mounted weapon system and was unable to seek help immediately. Despite a later surgery, he remains unable to breathe through his nose.

His experiences in combat have resulted in PTSD, a traumatic deviated nasal septum, memory loss, depression and mood swings. For his service, Ashby was recognized with several awards, among them a Combat Action Badge, Afghanistan Campaign Medal with Campaign Star, Army Commendation Medal and Army Good Conduct Medal.

After completing his required active service, Ashby met a nursing student, Karen, whom he later married. Karen helped ease Josh’s transition into civilian life, recommending treatment options for his physical and mental health. Josh and Karen married in 2014 and welcomed a baby girl a year later. In 2017, they welcomed their second child, a son, who was diagnosed with a wealth of heart defects including Hypoplastic Right Heart Syndrome and Tricuspid Atresia. At less than one year old, their son had undergone four open heart surgeries, five heart catheterizations, feeding tube placement in his stomach and continues to have therapies for feeding/speech,
occupational and physical therapy.

Operation FINALLY HOME along with Pulte Homes through their Built to Honor program are thrilled to provide the Ashby family with a custom-built, mortgage-free home at West Fork Ranch in Fort Worth, Texas.

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