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U.S. Army Sergeant and Houston Police Department Veteran Chase Cormier

U.S. Army Sergeant and Houston Police Department Veteran Chase Cormier, who has selflessly dedicated his life to serving others, suffered a tragic accident in May 2020 while on duty with the Houston Police Department.

Cormier was the pilot in a fatal helicopter crash that killed his partner, Officer Jason Knox. They were patrolling the city of Houston on May 2, 2020, when they received a call for a search and rescue mission involving a body in a nearby bayou. At least one individual was shooting at the aircraft which may have caused mechanical failure. Cormier tried to maneuver the helicopter to safety but was unable to prevent the vehicle from crashing into an apartment complex. He was trapped in the wreckage for nearly an hour before the Houston Fire Department Rescue Team could extricate him

Cormier was life-flighted to the hospital where he underwent emergency surgery.

His injuries included head trauma, damage to this right eye, three fractured ribs, nine spinal cord fractures, five of which are compression fractures, three transverse process fractures and a burst fracture with numerous severed nerves. He had a torn MCL, ACL and fractured left foot. Surgeons fused his vertebrae and put a plate, pins and screws in his left foot. Due to the severed nerves he also suffers from paralysis. His doctors say he will not gain any function below the knees or be able to walk unassisted ever again.

For his fearless service, Cormier has been awarded the Houston Police Department Life Saving award, Chief of Police Unit Citation and the Distinguished Marksmanship award, among other accolades.

As an Army veteran, and a veteran of the police force, Cormier understands his duty to protect and serve. After many surgeries and medical assistance, Cormier is rehabilitating with his wife, Brooke, by his side. Although they’re not quite sure what the future will look like, Cormier plans on starting a 501c3 non-profit named “Cormier Strong.” The goal of the non-profit would be to help children of killed or significantly injured veterans or first responders receive a college education.

Cormier along with S&H Custom Built Homes LLC are working together to construct a custom-built home to meet his new needs in Spring, Texas.  To donate, please click the "donate" button.

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