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Charlotte, TN

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The oldest of four children, U.S. Army SFC Josh Ferguson fell naturally into the role of a caretaker and protector. Wanting to devote his time and energy towards something, he enlisted in the Army in 1996.

He met his future wife, Danny, while he was stationed at Ft. Drum and they married in 2001. Throughout his military career, Josh deployed to Yugoslavia, Afghanistan and Iraq as a Fire Support Specialist.

Shortly after his return to Iraq in 2007, Josh’s vehicle was hit by an explosively formed penetrator – a type of improved explosive device (IED). He sustained injuries which left him with an above the knee amputation, shrapnel pitted over his body, a surgically repaired leg, deteriorated hips, Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and more. His injuries sent him to Walter Reed Medical Center where he spent several years to address the physical changes to his body.

Joshua’s military career continued as a wounded warrior. His service in the Wounded Warrior Brigade fulfilled his need to serve his county. Josh was honored with several awards such as the Purple Heart, Combat Action Badge, GWOT Service Medal, Iraq Campaign Medal and many more.

Josh, Danny and their three children enjoy outdoor activities, including hunting, fishing and hiking. Thanks to Operation FINALLY HOME, Craig Morgan and the Home Builders Association of Middle Tennessee, we are working towards providing the Ferguson family with a custom-built, mortgage-free home in Dickson County, Tennessee.

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